Sweet Light Crude Oil

Sweet crude oil is a form of petroleum. It is regarded as being a sweet crude oil due it has a sulfur content which is below 0.5 percent unlike sour crude oil which contains larger amount of sulfur. Any petroleum which is regarded as sweet crude oil usually has little quantities of carbonic acid gas and hydrogen sulfide. In advanced countries like USA, China etc, the form of crude oil which has little sulfur and high crude oil is normally utilized to produce gas.

In case you do not know, the most desired form of crude oil is the light sweet crude oil. This is so because it has big quantity of disproportionate portions which are utilized to refine it to kerosene, gasoline and superior diesel. The word “sweet” was initiated due to the fact that its low content of sulfur renders the oil with a mild sweet savor and loving odor. During the 19th century, miners usually ascertain the caliber of crude oil through degustation and smelling little amounts of it.

Manufacturers of sweet crude oil are:

North American – the states in North America which produces light sweet petroleum are referred to as Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Louisiana, Texas and Mexico.

The name given to the sweet petroleum which is produced by Louisiana is derived from the name of this state. It is called Louisiana sweet. As for the state of Texas, the name given to the sweet light crude oil produced in this state is referred to as Texas light sweet. It can also be referred to as West Texas Intermediate.

Northern Europe: UK and Norway are two countries located near the North Sea that produces sweet petroleum. The name of the sweet petroleum which they produce is collectively referred to as Brent crude.

Africa: in North Africa, both Algeria and Libya produces sweet petroleum. In Africa, Nigeria produces this form of mineral. When you come to central Africa, the countries which you can find that produce this form of mineral are referred to as the two republics of Congo and Angola.

In Asia, China, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Australia, India, Brunei, Indonesia and Australia produces this form of petroleum. Sweet petroleum is also produced by some notable countries in the Middle East.

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