ICPO – Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order

It is only buyers of D2, Mazut and JP54 that will issue ICPO. Buyers of BLCO, and Qua Iboe will prepare LOI in substitute of ICPO. Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order is shortened as ICPO. It is the responsibility of the end buyer or the buyer’s direct mandate to prepare the ICPO. It should be addressed to any two of our trusted sellers namely Andrew PTY LTd or Lukoil. It should have attn:  Mr Vagit Alekperov, President for Lukoil or attn: Mr. Yevgeny Beylin for Andrew Pty Ltd. ICPO addressed to “to whom it may concern” will never be accepted. It should have Ref No, Signature, Banking coordinates of the buyer etc.

Please, we will not accept any fraudulent ICPO. We will also not accept ICPO prepared by intermediaries. We will not accept ICPO in MS word format. It should be prepared in paper form and scanned in a JPEG, TTF or GIF format. ICPO prepared in pdf format will also be accepted.

The ICPO should not be altered by the intermediary in any form and it should never be prepared by the intermediary. Some intermediaries may want to alter the ICPO in one way or other, bear in mind that doing this will render the ICPO invalid and unacceptable.