How to Sell Crude Oil – Guide to Find Petroleum Buyers

Crude oil is a big business. The reason why I say is a big business is because it involves millions of dollars. There are up to 2 ways to sell your crude oil. They are as follows:

1. Refinery operators: refinery managers are the end user of crude oil. Crude oil is always in demand by refinery owners. Demand is high when the price of crude oil goes up. Almost all countries have refineries. Your crude oil will be easy to sell if it is light crude oil. It is because light crude oil is easy to refine than other types of crude oil. Most refinery operators know that light crude oil is very easy to refine as a result of its low sulphur content, thus saving time, cost and resources.

Once you find a crude oil refinery company, the next thing you should is to send a request to them. You should send an official request that you have crude oil to sell indicating the quantity. Also remember to attach proof of product (POP) to make it genuine. You should be very open while you are doing this. Countries where it will be easy to find buyers for your crude oil are USA mainly in California, India, China, Hong Kong, Alberta, and Japan. You can easily find buyers of crude oil in these countries because crude oil is in high demand there. The higher cars a country has, the higher crude oil demand that country is likely to source for. The types of crude oil that sell very well are West Texas Intermediate, Basra and bonny light crude oil (BLCO) etc.

2. The second way to sell your crude oil is through crude oil intermediary brokers, agents and exchange services. If you are not ready for the hassle of hopping from place to place searching for buyers of crude oil, then you should use an agent company to do it for you. You will relax in the comfort of your office while an agent runs about searching aggressively for buyers of crude oil in place. If this turns out to be the case, then your crude oil will be sold in a short space of time. One of the leading agents that source for buyers of crude oil is INDO OIL & GAS NG LTD. Sometimes INDO OIL & GAS NG LTD has crude oil buyers in place to deliver to any intended seller.

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