Call for Buyers of Crude Oil

Request for Able, Willing and Ready Buyers of Crude Oil

We are in search of  buyers of BLCO (Bonny light crude oil), Qua Iboe light crude oil, AGO (Automotive gas oil) or Forcados who are able, willing and ready to do business. We need people who have funds to purchase crude oil and not time-wasters. There is one major request we can handle. It is the request to buy crude oil. If you are looking for crude oil to buy, you can rely on us to purchase Bonny light crude oil, qua iboe, or Forcados, which are available for sale. We make buying of crude oil an easy process.

How it Works

The first step is to read our guidelines for the purchase of petroleum available at our “Buy Crude Oil” page and follow accordingly. That is how it works. Our company works with reliable crude oil sellers in Nigeria and other parts of the world who have product to sell. We do not work with sellers who can not perform, as such you should be rest-assured that our sellers can perform. Our sellers have been tested and proven to deliver.  We do not ask for any form of upfront payment for the product until after QnQ, so you should confident that you are on the right track, but we may request for proof of the capability of the buyer to pay before a successful deal can be closed.

Why you Should Trust our Service

You should trust our service because we deliver what we promise. We are a registered company which has many years of experience in crude oil trading. We are not only a renowned company but a household name in crude oil trading. We have tens of satisfied clients from America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

How to Get Started

Follow our guidelines for the purchase of crude oil available at our Buy Crude Oil page, supply the requested document and before you know it we would have closed a deal with you.