How to successfully buy bonny light crude oil from us

The first step to buy bonny light crude oil from us is to make a call. You need to call our crude oil department. They are the department that handles all issue of crude oil purchase. We do not listen to buyers who have their own strict procedure looking for a company that will follow and work with it. In most cases, you will be ignored if you are bent on adhering to your procedure.

B and C Oil & Gas Nig Ltd has its own procedure which all able, willing and ready buyers of crude oil should follow. Thus, do not call us; asking that we follow your procedure. We will barely listen to you. Please do not call at all if your wish is to have a seller follow your procedure because it will not work out at all. Once you call us we will read out our procedure to you, if it is okay by you we can commence business. We are also ready to issue proof of product documents. But POP will only be issued to a serious buyer with something to show that he can be able to perform.