One of our reliable sellers have AGO for sale. If you are a buyer for AGO and you are willing, able and ready and not a time-waster, please read the procedure below and if it is workable by you.

Seller Non-Negotiable Procedure for AGO on TTT

1) Seller and Buyer sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).

2) Buyer releases CPA, Charter invoice, Q88, ATL to Seller.

3) Buyer issue BCL/IBPU in favour of Seller

4) Buyer boards Seller super-cargo on his vessel before Buyer vessel is called in for loading.

5) Upon Seller super-cargo boarding Buyer vessel, Seller vessel send NOR to Buyer vessel for STS

6) Upon completion of STS into Buyer’s Vessel, Buyer confirms cargo on board his vessel  from his vessel captain.

7) Upon Buyer vessel captain confirming loading completed to Buyer, Buyer makes payment for the total cargo on board his vessel.

8) Seller releases all documents to Buyer, for Buyer vessel to sail to his discharge port.

Current price is 121+2. Seller is willing to do an indemnity with a 30 million naira penalty and even give buyer a cheque to back it up.

Note: Buyer must have a vessel!