INDO OIL & GAS NG LTD® is a registered crude oil trading company. We work with leading sellers of crude oil in Nigeria and buyers abroad. We are among the leading trading company for buyers and sellers of crude oil worldwide. We work with well renowned crude oil companies to supply our buyers with their needed amount of crude oil. Our service is available worldwide. No matter the part of the world you live, we can help you to facilitate the purchase of genuine crude oil as well as the sell of crude oil for sellers.

INDO OIL & GAS NG LTD is a renowned crude oil company. We only work with genuine sellers and buyers of crude oil ready to do legitimate business. Since the establishment of our firm, we have successfully closed tens of crude oil deals as the case maybe. Our service makes it easy for buyers and sellers of crude oil to find whatever they are looking for. We handle all types of crude oil requests ranging from light crude oil, heavy crude oil, sweet crude oil and refined crude oil.

There are a lot of time-wasters and scammers in crude oil trading; this is why you should use our service to save time, money and get the genuine product you are looking for. We go extra mile in scrutinizing our clients to make sure they have what they claim to sell. We work relentlessly to make sure we satisfy any client that come to us, so yours will not be an exception. You will be amazed with the kind of service we offer when you commence to work with us. Whether buying or selling of crude oil, INDO OIL & GAS NG LTD is what you need. Contact us today to get moving to the right direction.

At INDO OIL & GAS NG LTD, we are determined to deliver high standards and honest service in the strictest confidence. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our service rather you will be amazed by it.